Property Purchasing

Property Purchasing

Arranging a Viewing Tour

  • We kindly invite you to see the properties in Turkey at a well-organized private Viewing Tours. Whenever you contact to JazicoWorld Real Estate Consultants our sellers will help you to arrange a meeting in our main office
  • Sales Contract

  • A sales contract is prepared between buyer and seller on agreed terms when you want to buy a property. This will be a memorandum that the seller will transfer you the title deed (tapu) on your behalf and you will pay the agreed price. It contains also details of key delivery and tapu delivery conditions. It is advised to bring minimum 3.000 USD down payment cash when you come to Turkey. In order to buy property in Turkey, you only need to bring your passport together with you. Sales contract contains information about the seller, buyer, property description, payment table and all agreed conditions
  • JazicoWorld Real Estate Consultants controls and secures you;
  • The seller is exact person and real owner of the property you buy the exact property which is shown Property clearance check (due diligence check) JazicoWorld Real Estate Consultants guarantees that purchase process will flow under the agreed conditions
  • Payments of Property

  • Sellers in Turkey want to see that the buyer is enough serious. Therefore 3.000USD minimum down payment is enough at the signature stage of a sales contract. Depending on the property key delivery time, you may arrange your payments which are clearly mentioned in a sales contract
  • Sellers understand that you are in a foreign country and it might take some time to handle all the payments. You need to know that the title deed (tapu) will be delivered after full payments are taken
  • How Tapu Process Works?

  • Title Deed is TAPU in Turkish. Land Registry and Cadaster Directorate is the only authority of the registry application and the property conveyance
  • We help you prepare all BUYER application documents after the sales contract signature
  • Passport translation at Notary Public
  • Tax number registry document
  • Application fees (may vary on each property)
  • Power of Attorney (if needed)
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  • The seller applies for Tapu transfer on your behalf. According to "Turkish Property Law," foreigners were necessary to get permission from the Military Headquarters if the property is "not" close to the military zones. Turkish General Staff has found a new solution to this problem in December 2017. All military and national security zones were recorded in the land registry plans. Foreigners can receive Title Deed within 2-3 days thanks to the determination of allowed areas
  • Tapu Signature

  • The seller and the buyer sign conveyance act at Land Registry and Cadaster Directorate Office. The same day before signature, tapu taxes are paid. All remaining payment of the property should be paid according to the sales contract, just before the signature. According to property law, the seller has to declare to tapu officer "I have been all paid"
  • JazicoWorld Real Estate Consultants is always together with you from the beginning until this happy day