2 Types of Mortgage in Turkey

1. Payment Plan from Construction Company

  • If you want to buy an apartment with credit from construction companies in Turkey, you are at the right place. We have very special offers for you. You can buy a home with credit without the preparation of the documents and without wasting time. The only thing you need to do to is choose your estate, and to sign the sales contract
  • Payment plans of construction companies can vary according to the different companies. Some companies, while offering the possibility of interest-free installments for 12 months, some of them can offer the possibility of interest rate maturity of 60 months. It so easy now finds the most suitable home for your budget
  • The payment plan is as follows
    • Down-payment (Determined by Construction Company)
    • The remaining amount can be issued in installments
  • This method is more advantageous than bank loans and preferred by a lot of home buyers in recent years. If you do not want any paperwork, file costs and appraisal costs, browse for a property with an installment from the construction company
    • You can apply for an installment if your age is between 25-70
    • You can buy property with installments from construction companies with currencies like Turkish Lira, Euro, and Dollar
    • Payment terms vary between 1 to 5 years
    • Credit amount must be at least 20.000 €
  • Monthly installment payments can be done automatically by the buyer's account to the account of the seller

2. Bank Loan from Turkish Banks

  • There are a number of operations to be done in order to take a mortgage in Turkey. An experienced and reliable team of JazicoWorld Real Estate Consultants is nearby at all at these stages
  • First, you need to complete the documents requested by the bank for buying an apartment with credit opportunities. JazicoWorld Real Estate Consultants with an experienced team will help the buyer to open an account and translate all above-prepared documents to the Turkish language by notary office and registering for the bank
  • Once all these documents are complete, you can apply for a bank loan. After application, maximum 3-4 days later "pre-approval" appears. The bank sends an expert to the home that you want to buy for property valuation. After the expert assessment, the bank loan is approved. Then all necessary documents which belong to the buyer and the seller are completed and TAPU application is made
  • You need to collect the documents shown below for the bank loan from Turkish banks application:
    • Document for address verification (Residence Permit)
    • Photocopy of the title deed of the house to be purchased
    • Tax ID (You can obtain this document from the tax office)
    • Certificate of salary with apostle (must be translated into Turkish or English by a sworn translation office with apostil approval)
    • Passport